New Year's Eve in PAlermo -

A must do for New Year’s Eve: the Capodanno in Piazza

New Year’s’ Eve wouldn’t be the same in Palermo without the customary open-air concert in the central Politeama Square. Should you be there during the festive season between Christmas and the Epiphany this is something that you could want to see at least once.

Capodanno Concert in Palermo -
Capodanno Concert in Palermo (source: Repubblica Palermo)

As usual, also this year a big stage has been mounted in a corner of the square, with a big screen and a powerful audio system. Big names of the local and national musical panorama are expected, such as pop singers Luca Carboni and Nino D’Angelo. There will be also space for good jazz from local quartet Worker-Randisi and some good laugh offered by stand-up comedians Roberto Lipari, Gino Carista and Giacomo Civiletti.

New Year's Eve in Palermo -
This year’s lineup for the celebrations of the New Year in Palermo (source:

This year the usual concert in Piazza Politeama will be expanded, extending the festive mood to two more squares of the city centre: Piazza Verdi and Piazza Giulio Cesare. In Piazza Verdi, in front of and around the marvellous Teatro Massimo, there will be a big screen with projections of concerts, opera pieces and ballets. From the Nutcracker to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, to the usual Capodanno concert. Take this chance to visit the theatre during the evening at the promotional price of 1 Euro.

Along with Piazza Politeama and Piazza Verdi there will be disco all night long also in a third square of Palermo, the Piazza Giulio Cesare in front of the Central Station.

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