Baroque atmospheres in Palermo

There are many classical music lovers all around the word and Palermo is the city where you can have thousand of chances to enjoy a magnificent evening event. You can listen to the pieces of the most famous composers and have the breath-taking locations. Then why not spending one of the nights of your holiday in Palermo listening to baroque music?

Arianna Art Ensemble (from
Arianna Art Ensemble (from

Every year in Palermo the Associazione MusicaMente and the Centro Culturale Biotos arrange amazing live concerts for music enthusiasts and those who are just curious to experience new things. In the warm and very welcoming atmosphere of the historic building in the city centre (the Biotos is based in an antique building located in Via XII Gennaio n. 2, really close to the Politeama theatre), the “allegro” notes coming from an ancient time of grandeur and magnificence can whet your imagination and give your mind the precious chance to relax and to enrich your spirit with different experiences. The calendar features events spanning across many months, with one meeting per month until the beginning of the summer. So you can be absolutely sure to have the opportunity to choose the concert that suits you best. Should you want to attend all of them, you can be certain that each time the concert will be different and unique. For every evening an artist will be presented directly coming from the international panorama of the baroque music. The next event will be on the 28th of February and will present you the famous Soprano Picci Ferrari, accompanied during her performance by Paolo Rigano (baroque guitar and archlute). On the occasion of the March appointment (on the 28th), you can have the opportunity to admire one of the most astonishing locations for a live concert in the city: the Chiesa della Magione. This Norman church will be the perfect venue to emphasise the Oriental notes played by the Ensemble Constantinople.


The following two soirees will take place again in the Centro Culturale Biotos (Via XII Gennaio n. 2). The first of them will be on the 28th of April and it will be possible on this occasion to attend a magical event with the music of Alessandro Nasello (flute and bassoon) and the famous Arianna Art Ensemble (violin, viola, cello, harpsichord, double bass for a total of ten musicians). The second concert, on the 18th of May, will feature the Adriana Rigano music-theatrical show Morceux de Molière. The last, but not least, musical evening is due for the 4th of June. On this special occasion the performance will be located in the Oratorio San Mercurio, in the heart of the historic centre of Palermo, and will feature a special guest, maestro Enrico Onofri, that will play through the whole evening accompanied by the Arianna Art Ensemble.

Have you already picked your favourite one? A baroque experience is waiting for you!