The onion-like city

If you take an interest in the discovery of the true spirit of Palermo, then this book suits you best. The author is Roberto Alajmo, who shows in this pages both his attitude for journalism (his job) and his unconditional love for the city. In fact, even if he describes objectively some negative aspects of the city and complains about the things that don’t work, you can easily realise that he is a sort of hurt lover. The book is very enjoyable to read and Alajmo’ style is sober and well balanced. It seems you are spending a relaxing evening with friends, seating in a cosy sofa and listening to interesting stories or learning some news about the city.

Even if your main interest would be just spending your holidays in Palermo, the information contained in the book wouldn’t be superflous. Palermo is made of history, monuments, celebrations and food, but it is also made of people that live “Palermo’s heart” and make it  beat. The Italian title, Palermo è una cipolla (which means “Palermo is like an onion”), gives a perfect idea about how the city is and emphasise this aspect: many layers compose the identity of the city and hold his essence. But this core, with a most intense flavour, is made of the same substance of every single layer. So, chapter after chapter, the reader goes more and more into the deep, enjoying the whole trip along the way. And all this let you fall in love with Palermo just after the first look, since the first time you meet it, since the first moment…. since the very moment you land at the airport.

Even though this book has been written to guide those who are interested in discovering the charm of Palermo, this is not a touristic guide such as thousands you can find in every souvenir shop. This book reports the point of view of an ordinary citizen, who shares his city’s knowledge and news. The book will guide the reader step by step throughout the city and will highlight the different aspects that could accidentally slip.  

The good thing of this book is that it lets you free to meet “your own” Palermo, because you can experience directly all the places, the food, the traditions and the usages of this amazing place. Moreover the book is also translated in English. That means that at the same time you can enjoy reading it in a familiar language, mixing in it a few strange words in Sicilian dialect! So you will be able to properly say: “Palermo è bellissima” (Palermo is really beautifull)!!!