Nuits Blanches in the Italian Culture Capital 2018

Should you still have some doubts about the best touristic destination in Sicily for your journey, to learn that Palermo has been selected as Italian City of Culture 2018 could be very helpful! You can use it as an inspiration considering her excellent historic-artistic heritage, her various and diverse culture, breathtaking natural beauties, great food and first-class wines, just to quote but a few features. What else could we say to explain the city’s big success?

Palermo is a city for young people, that is growing very quickly. It is also a city taking care of the welfare of his tourists and a place that always gives you a very warm welcome, offering such a big number of things (loyal friendship included). Palermo is a city that is conscious about her potential and able to take advantage of it at her best. With such a preamble, you can’t choose anything different but Palermo for your holidays.

The city has a lot of unique and unbelievable cultural paths. Very often you can enjoy the “Notti Bianche” festivals (Nuit Blanches), having the opportunity to visit museums, exhibitions and aristocratic palaces for free. Palermo holds unparalleled archaeological finds and matches the love for ancient history with that for new technologies for a better knowledge of the cultural aspect of the city – and to help visitors, of course!

There are numerous spas, four stars hotels and hotels within charming locations at really affordable prices. When you go around the city, you can easily have two different feelings: one is that you are visiting an exotic place, the other that you are having a walk in your home town. Sure enough, everyone feels absolutely welcome, and Palermo can be defined as a melting pot, where all the different people live peacefully and respecting each other – and you can really feel that. This is another of the many characteristics that let Palermo be the City of Culture 2018: so many different cultures, mixed and melted.

For those who want to book a last minute holiday in Palermo, it is good to know that the 2nd of April there is a nuit blanche festival. There will be the opportunity to enjoy a full immersion into the local culture and history of Palermo. Many museums, historic parks and gardens, art galleries and archaeological sites of Palermo and surroundings will be open all day long and there will be no ticket to pay. The festival is called #DomenicalMuseo (here a link in Italian), and it will be repeated every first Sunday of each month. So, if you prefer to plan your holidays in every single aspect, you still have time and can choose the date that suits you best.

People visiting the cloister of Monreale at night (photo:

Furthermore, because the weather in Sicily is so incredible, you can also swim in the light-blue waters of Mondello, the popular sea-town nearby. Starting from next week the beach clubs and resorts will be opened again. So you can relax and enjoy every possible comfort.

What else then? This is the best chance to have a full early-holiday experience!