Tracking down the Cyclopes

When the mythical Greek hero Ulysses reaches Sicily we are informed by Homer (Od. IX, vv 105-115) that this was “the land of the Cyclopes”, a folk of mighty giants who live of what the earth gives them, isolated one of another. We all know how the story goes: Ulysses and his men take refuge into […]

Palermo, capital of British business

From the United Kingdom to Sicily, just for a bottle of wine. If you were never wondering how much intuition can an Englishman have for business reading this story you will find some answers. Everything started at the beginning of the 19th century when all around England the Porto wine – a dessert wine with […]

A Chamber of Wonders in Ballarò

They now call it the chamber of wonders, but it was just one of the countless rooms, one identical to all the others, in need of a fresh coat of paint when all of a sudden something strange came out. It was blue paint, not the usual blue you can think of, but a deep […]

English Palermo

Everyone knows that Sicily has been conquered many times through all her history. In particular, the tourist who spends his holidays in Palermo, can recognize every single track left by all these people. Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Normans, Angevins, Spanish and many others popped in. Although one can not find the British in the list, […]

Easter rites in Palermo: what to expect

Easter is the highest point of the Christian liturgical year and the most meaningful of all. The days before Easter Sunday, each one with a significance of their own, all together build up a climax culminating in the celebration of the resurrection of the Christ. Starting with the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday, through the […]

The Mafia is the exception

In a recent article on the popular British newspaper The Guardian, the appointment of Palermo as the Italian Culture Capital for 2018 is put into context. The author writes profusely about the Mafia, the car-bombs and the killings of policemen and judges, and paints a picture of desolation and despair where the hero -the ever-ruling mayor Leoluca Orlando- […]

Nuits Blanches in the Italian Culture Capital 2018

Should you still have some doubts about the best touristic destination in Sicily for your journey, to learn that Palermo has been selected as Italian City of Culture 2018 could be very helpful! You can use it as an inspiration considering her excellent historic-artistic heritage, her various and diverse culture, breathtaking natural beauties, great food […]

Seaside in style – Trabia

This really impressive house lies in the sea town of Trabia.It is freshly refurbished so you can admire all its traditional-style features, restored in every single detail with great taste. It is composed by two independent accommodations, one is a studio and the other is a two-room apartment. THE STUDIO This is a 40 sq mt loft […]

Relax by the sea – Altavilla

The 300 sq mt villa is in a cool and ventilated position, in a very peaceful area through all the year. It is equipped with vast terraces with all the comfort you need and, on top of it, you can enjoy a wonderful sea sight from the garden. You can admire also the incredible variety […]

Nothing is destroyed; everything is transformed

This book is full of everything: there is history, fascination, fairy tale, nobility, love, wealth and all of Sicily that usually seduces so much. Who could be better than a prince to introduce the reader to such a wonderful and crucial period for the island and Italy itself? This book, written by a real prince […]