Nothing is destroyed; everything is transformed

This book is full of everything: there is history, fascination, fairy tale, nobility, love, wealth and all of Sicily that usually seduces so much. Who could be better than a prince to introduce the reader to such a wonderful and crucial period for the island and Italy itself? This book, written by a real prince […]

The Turk's ghost of Palermo -

The Turk’s ghost

When a place is full of history, with history come the ghosts, and Palermo is no exception to the rule. Just behind the Cathedral, in the Mandamento “Monte di Pietà”, lies the monumental city palace of the Del Castillo family, Princes of Sant’Isidoro. It is a beautiful example of that mannerist civil architecture that spread […]

Royal Palace (Palazzo dei Normanni)

This is the place of the first urban settlement that will later become the city of Palermo. The earliest remains of structures are parts of the Punic city walls discovered during recent archaeological explorations under the “Duke of Montalto halls” (Sale Duca di Montalto), and now visitable. During the 9th century, the Fatimid emirs placed […]